Omaïnen is a Power Thrash band, funded in 2001, with the meeting of Cyril (vocals), Damien (bass) and David (guitar), on the one hand, and Rudy (drums) on the other.

Omaïnen begins by forging its riffs, records a first home made demo, and gives some concerts. Nothing extroardinary, but it leads the band to create its own musical identity, while raising their level of musicianship.

In 2006, Omaïnen records its first EP, "Death of the Nations". It is followed by some concerts all around, with various bands (Neurinome, Impure Pain, Wenlock, Thirty-6, ...), and the creation of new material.

Omaïnen goes back in studio in 2009, so as to release their second EP, leaving all the technical issue to Pitbulls in the Nursery bassist, François Ugarte. This disc, named "Routes to Nowhere", sets a milestone in the band's musical progression, and the critics are really encouraging:

"A very good demo that makes us want to ear more from Omaïnen's house."
"Omaïnen, knows how to convince and presents crafted songs filled with ideas and composed from a cocktail of different types of metal, and yet with a melodic sense. I am curious about how the first LP will sound."

Despite some agenda problems that prevent Omaïnen from playing as often as they want, composition is not left aside. Decision is made to release a full album, even if it would take much longer than expected! Back to François's studio for the recording. In 2014, Omaïnen's first album, "Shades of Grey", is finally available. The album stays close to the spirit of "Routes to Nowhere", and serves a powerful Power Thrash mixed with Cyril's clean vocals.